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Many customers use the Nextion display in their own business projects. They may need to upload the Nextion firmware through their own MCU. Here we disclose the upload protocol and release the Arduino upload library. Users need to know nothing about the protocol if they only upload firmware through Nextion Editor. Step 1. Find your serial

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Best Choice for HMI Interface Developer – Nextion HMI Display

Whether for professional HMI developers or hobbyist, it’s very important to choose a universal, easy to be installed touch screen. Such a touch screen will reduce wiring troubles, let us develop the desired interfaces quickly, thus helping us save a great deal of time and accelerate the development process. It can make the developers well

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Common HMI touch screen failure and solutions

If you are an inexperienced GUI engineer, once there’s a failure for the HMI touch screen, you may feel helpless. This may also delay the entire development progress. Therefore, to learn the causes and solutions for common HMI touch screen failures is very important. You can troubleshoot the problems by yourself with the help of

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Buyer Guide: Strongly Recommend HMI Touch Display

Review from Nextion User: As an HMI engineer, I tend to spend too much time developing the GUI, and the results are often not satisfactory, which seriously affects my productivity. This is troublesome. But luckily, I have the nextion HMI touch screen, the troubles are solved. I can easily and quickly develop my project with

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