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Buyer Guide: Strongly Recommend HMI Touch Display

Review from Nextion User:
As an HMI engineer, I tend to spend too much time developing the GUI, and the results are often not satisfactory, which seriously affects my productivity. This is troublesome.
But luckily, I have the nextion HMI touch screen, the troubles are solved. I can easily and quickly develop my project with their GUI editor. I can even finish complicated application development in half an hour. Here I would like to thank Gerry. As a senior electronic technology expert, he recommended me with this great HMI Touch Screen.
I ordered a Nextion Generic 3.2″ HMI enhanced Touch Display on Nextion’s official website. The shipping was fast! I spent a little bit of effort to integrate it with Arduino UNO but it was definitely worth it. For nearly $27.4, I get a nice touch screen, RTC with battery backup and GPIO native to the display itself, and it has a great color display. The Nextion editor is a software that totally free for download to use. I can even start my programming journey to create my own GUI interface before receiving the parcel, which is a very cool thing. (Download the free editor here.)
The touch display and its native programming language can control the user interface, RTC and GPIO lines. So you can use it without any micro-controller! The LCD  can import all kind of graphic formats With little time, a professional display device can be created for less than ever before.
So I want to say:
For an HMI hobbyists or a professional, it’s worthy of strong recommendation. This Nextion touch screen display provides an excellent way to add a sophisticated user interface to a microprocessor project. The very powerful interactive PC development software makes it a breeze to design a complex control interface. Also, it is important to point out that its price is basically the same as the regular LCD. So it’s a great low cost HMI solution.

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